Jiarui Wang 王嘉瑞

Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

2019 spring; revisited in 2021 spring
Publication design

6¾ × 10¼ in
40 pages
Inkjet print on epson enhanced matte paper
Hand-bound hardcover
Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius is a publication based on Jorge Luis Borges’ short fiction of the same name. Told in the first-person narrative, the story focuses on the protagonists’ discovery of the mysterious and fictional world of Tlön.

Acting as both art director and designer, I created the layout, typographic construction, photographs, and illustrations as ephemera from the imaginary land of Tlön in Borges’ story. This book is my attempt to place myself in that world momentarily, and is the resulting journal and collection of a scholar who helped compile the encyclopedia of Tlön.

⁂ Under the guidance of Don Pollack

Cy Twombly: The Wisdom of Art

2019 Fall
Publication design

8½ × 8½ inches
60 pages
Laser print on french paper
Saddle-stitch binding
Cy Twombly: The Wisdom of Art is a publication about Cy Twombly’s artwork, with the writings of Roland Barthes. It aims to emulate the airy, loose, and expressive qualities of Twombly’s drawing through typography and layout.

⁂ Under the guidance of Mark Stammers

⁂ This piece is also featured in Show Don’t Tell 2021, an online exhibition showcasing works by graduating students of SAIC, organized by SAIC AIGA.

Continuity & Change: Lu Xun and Emigre

2020 Spring
Booklet design + writing

8½ × 5½ in
10 pages
Risograph print on french paper
Accordion bound
In this booklet, I compared the two designers at Emigre, Zuzana Licko and Rudy VanderLans, with Chinese writer and designer Lu Xun. Although they differed significantly in their active periods, their interpretations of type designs still show interesting similarities.

⁂ Under the guidance of J. Dakota Brown

⁂ This piece can be seen in AIGA Eye on Design’s interview with J. Dakota Brown, Designer + Educator J. Dakota Brown Is Untangling the Relationship Between Design and Labor.

(RCO2)nMn+: Book of Soap

2018 Fall
Artist’s book

5 × 5 in, 40 pages
laser print on epson french paper
dos-á-dos binding

Named after the general formula of soap, (RCO2-)nMn+: Book of Soap is an artist book about the twofold process of soap production. Binded with dos-á-dos method, the book explains how soap is made on an industrial scale and at home by hand.

⁂ Under the guidance of Daniel Morgenthaler

Millennial Pink

2019 Fall
Poster series

11 * 17 in
laser print
I was commissioned by my friend, South Korean multimedia artist Eunhye Shin, to design a series of poster for her solo show, Millennial Pink: Digital and Physical Sexual Crimes in South Korea, at The Research House for Asian Art in Chicago.